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ZigZag is founded by two parents of a child on the Autism Spectrum based in Vancouver, Canada




Dipti is a highly experienced healthcare product management professional who has built a wide array of successful products over the last decade. 

She is passionate about products that solve real problems and believes great products must aim to change the paradigm for a better future.

She is driven to offer Neurodivergent kids the best opportunities possible and with her avid lifelong passion of instructional design and sports, ZigZag Sports is dear to her!



Sachin brings rich technology, data and engineering expertise to ZigZag and is a passionate solution designer.

He is driven to build radically innovative products that meet a genuine need for his target audience. 

He has a life long passion for sports and thrives on coaching kids with unique needs to fulfill their potential.



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Marisa is passionate about developing tools that help improve therapy outcomes. She has worked with 100s of kids on the spectrum brings a rich perspective to product design.


We have a strong development team of talented engineers with proven experience in building web and mobile applications.


We have some amazing parents and therapists who generously advice us throughout our product lifecycle and provide fantastic feedback to ensure its usefulness.

It is not one therapy, one person that will empower our kids to succeed. It is everyone moving mountains together that will clear the path for their success.

Dipti and Sachin - Proud Autism Parents and Founders of ZigZag

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My bright, happy, wonderful son is on the Autism Spectrum. As parents, our goal is to provide him with every therapist, resource and tool that will empower him to succeed. 

As I organized his care team of autism therapists, BCBA, BIs, EAs though, I realized each one was striving hard to help him in their own individual way. But there was very little alignment of approach, exchange of information between them. Tools of collaboration were rudimentary, emails, paper documents, shared google folders. But nothing that allowed them all a full vantage point to help my son. As a parent, I spent countless hours filling each one up on the work of others. 

And I asked myself, how great would it be, if I had this one platform, where everyone collaborated together, communicated with each other in real time. And what if the tool also automated all the menial tasks like data crunching, documentation and allowed his therapist tons of time to focus on core programming.

As a tech entrepreneur, a product manager by profession, with a team of designers and engineers at my disposal, I realized I was at a very unique position, as an autism parent to do something about this. My mind was spinning and ZigZag was born.

Me, my husband and my team have built zigzag to be a single source of truth for your child's autism journey. It is a platform for all his/her therapists to come together and solve the issue he/she is facing from the ground up. For them to engage in a collaborative dialogue, manage programming and track his/her progress

ZigZag has amplified my son's progress, improved his outcomes and strengthened the solutions his therapist offer, because it is all in one direction, in a unified move. 

Our children are our greatest joy and pride and all we want is for them to succeed, neuro diverse or neuro typical. ZigZag is my contribution to all our families as we move mountains and make way for our child's bright future. 


Founder, ZigZag.


ZigZag has brought my son's care team together and made it very easy to see his progress across developmental areas

It is so easy to plan a session with various programs and collect data with ZIgZag. It does the rest for me and I can focus on actual interaction with my kids. I also love that I can get real time help from BCBA and other therapists. Makes a big difference to our sessions.

Parent, 5 year old boy, BC, Canada

Behavior Interventionist, Coquitlam, BC

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