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Do what you really set out to do.
Help neurodiverse kids reach their full potential and leave everything else to ZigZag.

Imagine a world where all therapy and learning can be managed through a single, easy App!
No more folders, reports, manual graphs! 

One dashboard for all programs in one place

No more program binders, excels and pdfs

With ZigZag, you can plan and keep all the learning goals and therapy programs for each child in a single, coherent dashboard. 

All therapists, parents and educators can access the same information in real time.


Start with a rich library of ready to use programs across skills and domains

Use ready to go templates and customize easily

Access our library of 100s of rich, curated programs

Customize easily based on every child's individual needs.

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Collect all types of data easily and discreetly without taking away focus from the child

Works on all types of iOS and Android mobiles and tablets

Data collection is easy, accurate and distraction free with ZigZag.

Powerful collaboration with the whole team

Work, communicate and solve problems as a team

Have all your team and all your clients in one place. 

Share plans, progress, notes in real time with the whole care team

Chat securely, collaborate remotely

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Your privacy and data security is important to us

- Two factor authentication to ensure that only you can access your account
- HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant
- SHA-2 SSL certificate for secured login

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