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Autism Funding (AFU) for ZigZag sports classes

Follow the outlined steps for requesting AFU to pay for ZigZag sports classes for your child. 

Please note, the actual approval by AFU depends on their decision based on your submission, availability of funds with your child's eligibility and your child's individual case specifics. 

STEP 1 - During registration please choose the option - Autism Funding (AFU)

* Please note - This option allows you to request AFU to pay for ZigZag Sports classes. If AFU denies the request the balance owing is the responsibility of the participant.

Step 2 - Fill out the RTP form for ZigZag Sports Classes (Click add a New provider in the form)

(Follow reference fields as shown in the images)

Name - Coherence Technologies Inc. (ZigZag Neurodivergent Sports Classes)

Address - 3400 Devonshire Avenue, #35, Coquitlam, BC V3E 0L1

Phone number - (778) 231 5516

Type of service provider - Intervention Services



Step 3 - ZigZag will invoice Autism Funding each month your child is registered for once the RTP is approved. 

*If AFU denies RTP please inform us immediately.

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